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Orsett Church Fete

St Gile’s and All Saints held their church fete on Saturday 11th May. After some initial poor weather things improved.

We held the fete in our local church school, it was wonderful having their support and facilities at out disposal. We were delighted that some of the children from the school came and sang and danced, entertaining the people attending. As we had more space than usual we were able to have some stalls local groups. It was nice being able to support the local community.

We had; a raffle, and a number of stalls including cake, chocolate tombola, plant, bottle and children’s games run by members of Youth Hub. We were so very pleased as we made £2295.70 largely due to advance raffle ticket sales.

A very big thank you to everyone who helped to make it possible and all those who came on the day and or bought raffle tickets. We are looking forward next year’s.

Bulphan church gets a new noticeboard

Our new noticeboard is the gift of Bulphan-in-Bloom (B-i-B) in memory of the late Alan Cox, who tirelessly supported both B-i-B and St Mary’s, always mowing grass. Alan lived on the opposite corner from the church and said that he was privileged to have the best view in Bulphan and the least he could do is help to keep it looking its best.

The black noticeboard that this replaced was decades old and had been manufactured by Ron Porter’s father. But time had taken its toll and much of it was held together with injected resin. Its time had come.

The new noticeboard was fixed into place by a team from Bulphan: Rod, Graham, Frank, Reverend Sue (placing the concrete), and Ron ( mostly behind the lens).

Easter Sunday : Bulphan

The Easter Sunday service at Bulphan, as well as being a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, marked the point at which 8 young people from the Benefice took part in their first Holy Communion. The children met at with Rev Sue Mann at the Rectory, to prepare for this.. Through some fun activities and discussion, they learned about the different parts of the service of Holy Communion and why we receive the bread and wine at church. and we look forward to seeing them at future services. The children received a certificate, a candle and other things including an invitation to join the Youth HUB.

After the service there was a traditional Easter Egg Hunt and the usual marvellous spread laid on by Traudi in the Parish Room, including Hot Cross Buns and a Simnel Cake.

Good Friday : Bulphan

On Good Friday, a Walk of Witness and Stations of the Cross workshop took place in Bulphan. Members from all 3 Anglican churches in the Benefice and from the Zion Chapel in Bulphan took part.

Bulphan residents saw the large wooden cross being carried throughthe village and short ceremonies taking place at Bulphan School, the Zion Chapel, the Community Cafe and the far end of the Recreation Ground. Cafe customers took part and sung When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.

The walking group returned to the Parish Room,to join those who had taken part in some artistic interpretations of the Stations of the Cross, and all enjoyed some Hot Cross Buns.

Messy Church : Horndon School – 11th March

The theme for this session was based on the story of the woman who was going to be stoned for committing adultery and Jesus being tested while he wrote in the sand followed by his question to the gathering crowd of “Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone”.   This effectively gave the woman a second chance, as those preparing to do the stoning left.

The children did several activities ; they gave things a second chance recycling tins and cups and making them into desk-tidies ; they decorated biscuits with emoji faces to show the emotions of those at the stoning; wrote messages in the sand about Jesus’ thoughts and made woollen bracelets for a friend to express love for each other and the love of God. They also did the Big God Question – which has been used at all Messy Church sessions.