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Since last month's magazine, a lot has happened! We have had three Annual Parochial Church Council meetings where we elected church wardens and church council members and when we gave thanks to all those who serve in the Benefice, celebrated all that has happened in the churches over the past year and begun to look forward to the next year.

On May 7th, we launched our new Benefice youth group called 'Youth HUB' for 9-16 year olds. It takes place on the first and third Sundays of each month at the Orsett Churches Centre from 4pm till 5.30pm.

On the first week, we were thrilled that 9 young people from all three parishes in the Benefice came along, to form 2 groups; one of 9-11 year olds and one of 12-15 year olds. We played games, joined in ice breaking activities to get to know one another, took part in quizzes, enjoyed refreshments and closed with a Bible reading and a time of prayer. If you know a young person who might like to join Youth HUB, please do contact us at youthhub.hob@gmail.com or speak to Christine Mortimer, Alastair Macrae, George Wood, Vicky Newbery, Phil Mann, Revd Sue or Revd Max at Church and we would be pleased to tell you all about it. We hope to be able to give you an update on Youth HUB in subsequent magazine articles.

May 14th - 21st was Christian Aid week when some of us took pieces of red wool and, over the course of a week, read a Bible passage each day and reflected upon some questions. We tied a knot in the wool for each person or group of people that came to mind as we prayed and at the end of the week, collected the pieces of wool, joined them together as a visible symbol of the praying, acting and giving that had taken place while we were remembering those who are hungry, sick or need inviting in. We then presented postcards and our bundle of wool to our political leaders 'as a reminder that we are all bound together, and that each of us around the world is deserving of safety and welcome- particularly those in need of food and shelter.'

St Giles and All Saints PCC continue to work hard in preparation for their 'Giving for Growth at St Giles and All Saints' scheme. And, by now many of you from the Orsett congregation, will have received an invitation to a special Morning Praise service on June 11th at 11am, at St Giles and All Saints, where, not only will we be welcoming Revd Canon Martin Wood to speak to us and to give a presentation, but we will also be launching an additional new way of giving called Parish Giving which is an effective means by which we can claim Gift Aid quickly and efficiently. Please endeavour to come to this service if you are a member of the St Giles and All Saints congregation, and if you are not able to come to the service then do try and come to the run through of the presentation which will take place on the Monday evening prior to this, Monday 5th June at St Giles and All Saints, at 8pm. If you have not received an invitation and would like one, there are plenty at the back of Orsett Church. But you are all very welcome to attend the service, as you are any of the services in the Benefice.

We have much to be grateful for and give thanks to God for his presence with us over the past year and pray for his continued guidance as we move forward together.

With love and prayers,




Revd Sue Mann

Tel. 01375 891254

Associate Priest

Revd Max (Steven) Blake

Tel. 01375 360522